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last updated: Sep/03/2023

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Overview USBSecure Professional 2 - USBSecure Professional 5

Professional 2
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Professional 5
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User-based management
Whitelist technique
Centralized administration
Support of USB devices, Disk- and CD/DVD drives
No dedicated server necessary
Support for Windows Windows 7/8/10  
Activation of complete device classes (e.g. any USB mouse)  
Supports FireWire ports  
Supports SD cards  
MSI package for easy deployment  
No additional tools required   
Free up to 5 machines

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telnet smtp commands

DisplayTool 2.2 is a very useful Tail for Windows utility. It permanently displays the end of a text file. If you are looking for free
tools for Sytem Admins please visit www.systemadmin-tools.com.
A free Ping Tool portable with Wake-on-Lan and TCP port check: www.ping-tool.com, a small software with many additional features. Since Windows 10, the built-in Device Manager is not able to show remote devices over the network.
Device Manager Remote has this ability: It's a very fast Device Manager and gets the device information via WMI.