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When I double click on the SLCheck.exe nothing happens. What is wrong?
Please ensure that the file mswinsck.ocx is copied to your c:\windows\system32 folder.
I would like to monitor more than one server. How can I define different batch files for my servers?
Create one folder for each server under c:\SLCheck and copy the batch files into the new folders. Use option -d in the command line to specify the folder. Have a look at this example:
SLCheck -a ftp-server -p 21 -r "220" -d FTP -SLFile FTP\FTP.csv. "-d FTP" indicates that you use the .cmd files from subdirectory c:\SLCheck\FTP. You have to copy them to that location manually and then modify them. "-SLFile FTP\FTP.csv" tells SLCheck to log all results to c:\SLCheck\FTP\FTP.csv.
I would like to start a notification in the batch files not until the second timeout occurs. How can I do that?
You can work with a file flag. Please read article Ignoring single Timeouts.
The flickering batch files are annoying. But I can't use the -nobatch option because they send notifications. What can I do?
You can configure your scheduled tasks to run under the system account. If you are prompted for the user account, just type system into the "Run as" field and leave the password fields blank. Then the batch files (CheckOK.cmd, CheckTimeout.cmd, ...) are executed, but not visible for the logged on user. Please ensure that there is no pause command at the end of the batch files.
We get the answer "220 <servername> <current date/time>" from our eMail server on port 25. How can we check for that variable string?
You can put "220 <servername>" in the -r option. SLCheck only compares the left string of the answer with the string given in option -r.
I would like to use SLCheck to monitor my internet connection, but my proxy server requires authentication, so SLCheck doesn't work?
That's right. SLCheck is not able to perform authentication. You can configure your proxy server to "authenticate" via IP address. That means you configure your proxy server to allow the IP address of the SLCheck server without authentication.
I always get a timeout when trying to connect to my server. What can I do?
Please ensure that your firewall or personal firewall is configured to allow the connection. For a low level test you can use the Telnet command.

USBSecure Professional
Although I perform a new logon to my workstation the configuration is still the old one. What can I do?
The workstation gets the configuration from the devices$ share every time the USBSecure service is started. This happens at reboot or manually by restarting the service.
How can I identify the correct syntax for of the USB devices for my usb.cfg?
You can run the script ShowExistingUsbDevices.vbs with local admin rights. This creates file ExistingUsbDevices.txt. You can copy&paste these lines to usb.cfg. You can also gather the information from USBSecure.log or from the properties window of the USB device in Device Manager.
Can I distribute USBSecure with my software distribution system?
Yes. It just consists of one service and some files.
How can I prevent USBSecure from rebooting when the script is not able to deactivate a forbidden USB device?
Please create the file NoShutdown.txt
(with no content) in the devices$ share. If you would like to prevent only single workstations from rebooting, you can set ViolationShutdown=no in the USBSecure.ini file.
How can I uninstall USB devices, although they are not plugged in?
USB devices are listed in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Enum \ USB. If you grant yourself the appropriate rights, you can delete these registry keys. Caution: This is not recommended by the operating system producer.