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FTP batch...

FTP commands for batch files

You can run FTP commands in a batch file with the command

ftp -s:filename

Create a .txt file with the FTP commands, one command per line.

open <hostname>
<FTP user>
<FTP password>
hash                 # display progress
bin                  # copy in binary mode (or asc for Ascii)
lcd <local folder>   # change local directory
cd <remote folder>   # change directory on FTP server
get <remote file>    # copy file to local directory

Example file download_logfiles.txt:

open www.mydomain.com
lcd c:\temp
cd statistics/logs
get access_log

Now you can start the download from the command line with the following command:

ftp -s:download_logfiles.txt

Check the FTP port in regular intervals

If you would like to check your FTP Server at regular intervals, you can use the command line utility SLCheck. SLCheck connects to the FTP Server and checks the answer. Batch files can be executed in dependance of the result, e.g. to send alarm notifications. Try the following command:

SLCheck -p 21 -a ftp.domain.com -r "220 ProFTPD"

220 ProFTPD
can be the normal answer from a FTP Server.

All results are logged in a logfile. You can monitor your FTP Server by running SLCheck as a scheduled task, e.g. once a minute.

SLCheck Homepage